Rescuing One Life At A Time


House of Hope Girl’s Home is a charitable organization operating in Moshi, Tanzania under House of Hope Trust. It is a subsidiary of Fire International, a registered Not For Profit based in the USA and we are part of theECFA  (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). 

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Imagine going several days without food. Imagine having thoughts about selling your child into a life of physical or sexual slavery so the rest of your family can eat. In some of the rural villages here in the Kilimanjaro region and in the outskirts of this region there are real cases like this. Or a child who has no clothes but a loin cloth to cover with even in the rains and coldest of seasons.

Food and clothing is one area where we would like to help poverty stricken people and families in dire need. It is one of the greatest gifts an impoverished person/family can receive. We also aim to help sponsor children that live in poor families that can not put their children through school. We at House of Hope want to help children and families rise above malnutrition, hunger, sickness & lack of education through the provision of food, clothing and child school sponsorships  through our community outreach program.

$1,000 a year will sponsor 1 child in school for an entire school year
$50 per month will feed a small family (3-4 people)
$60 per month will feed a large family (5-6 people)



Staying fit and healthy – mind, body, spirit and soul – plays a major part in being able to live life to its fullest.  We at House of Hope would like to offer community based workshops, seminars and short courses about the simple essentials of living a healthy life. Body Health and Fitness teachings will be  focusing on the physical aspect of health. Mind, Spirit and Soul will focus on inner healing, personal growth and discipleship.

Our aim will be to not only have our Team at House of Hope teach these workshops and seminars but to also have outside teams and volunteers to come and teach them as well. We would love to host future dental clinics and more. WOULD YOU LOVE TO COME AND TEACH and be a part of an environment that is forever planting seeds and changing one life at a time? If so write us, tell us about yourself, your skills and let us know!

Personal Hygiene
Basic First Aid
Dental Care
Smart Godly Family Planning
Food and Nutrition
Discipleship & Spiritual Growth
Kingdom Culture - Building Integrity & Character
Goal Setting & Wise Decision-making (Personal Finances and life)
Career Guidance & Employment Assistance as we can
Agricultural/ Proper Farming