Rescuing One Life At A Time


House of Hope Girl’s Home is a charitable organization operating in Moshi, Tanzania under House of Hope Trust. It is a subsidiary of Fire International, a registered Not For Profit based in the USA and we are part of theECFA  (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). 

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We at House of Hope as a team believe in Education! The children of Tanzania are the future leaders of this country and we believe it is our job to educate them in order that they will have a chance at life and a better future. 

Many children here in Tanzania go to Government schools (Public Schooling). Even with these Government schools there are still school fees needed and in many of these schools  the education isn't as good. The Education environment in Tanzania as a 3rd world country makes learning and getting ahead a daily challenge. Classrooms within these schools sometimes have even up to 75 students that are taught by one teacher and this is common. A single text book can sometimes be shared by 20 to 25 students. 

  Some children have the opportunity to go to private schools which are not as overly crowded and many times the teachers are more qualified for what they teach. The private schools are more expensive but on average the student to teacher ratio is much better and the student's scores from these schools are much higher. 


 Government Schooling Per child per Year is usually estimated at : $200 dollars/ $17 dollars Per Month

 Private Schooling Per Child per Year is usually estimated at : $1,000 dollars / $85 dollars Per Month




       In the near future, through the following Educational Programs we would like to extend to you the opportunity to help a child in need. If you are interested in being a part of the Educational Sponsorship Program, Educational Scholarship Program or the Backpack Project . . . please feel free to write us and let us know. Currently we are focusing on raising support to build House of Hope before we branch out further into our Education & Community Projects but we are interested in hearing your hearts on this matter. We appreciate your interest and your heart to help a child in need. 


  • Educational Sponsorship Program - This is where you can select a child to sponsor through school (more to come on this)

  • Educational Scholarship Program –  With this program you can give a one time or a monthly gift of $50, $80 or $100 dollars towards our Scholarship program. This will go towards helping one of our girls' education or an under privileged child's education in our community. 

  • The Backpack Project- Many families are so stricken with poverty that they can't afford to buy a back pack and the needed school supplies for their children thus resulting in suspension or expelling of their child from school. With the Backpack Project we would like to be able to purchase a backpack and fill it with the necessary items needed for school (i.e. Compass, ruler, Pens/ Pencils and notebooks) and give it to a needy child. You can purchase a backpack and fill it for a one time gift of $43 dollars for a needy child.