Rescuing One Life At A Time


House of Hope Girl’s Home is a charitable organization operating in Moshi, Tanzania under House of Hope Trust. It is a subsidiary of Fire International, a registered Not For Profit based in the USA and we are part of theECFA  (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). 

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To help find, unlock and release life’s purpose and the destiny within each child and to provide a home, school and opportunities to orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged children. We aim to care and to love the unloved and to provide a better than average secure place for the children to  feel safe and call home.



A disabled child may be one with down-syndrome, some type of disease or physical disability that would cause their family to not want them for fear of them not being able to cohabit in society. Many times in Tanzania a child of this nature is physically abused or abused sexually within the family or tossed away because they are considered “NO GOOD”.


A street child is a child who may live on the street full-time or part-time. These young girls may have living relatives but for whatever reason are forced on the streets to beg for food and money or forced to perform sexual favors (FORCED PROSTITUTION) for food and money. Many times they are forced on the streets to provide income for the family or to provide income to support abusive habits like drugs and alcohol.


Some street children are themselves, addicts. Young girls forced into this kind of life have no self esteem, few life skills, often no education, are extremely bitter, full of anger and unforgiveness. Some of these young girls are sexually abused, suffer with lifelong struggles of trust and healthy love, and many come from neglectful homes and suffer with lifelong social dysfunctions as well. 


There are many cases of young girls in severe abusive situations where they are physically beaten. One case amongst many is of a young 7 year old who lost her mother and was left to live with her father who remarried, and later died also. This little girl was left to the Step-Mother who really didn't want her, so daily uses her as a slave but also beats her so much so to a point where her 2 arms were broken. An orphan in Tanzania is one who's parents (both Father and Mother) have passed away. 


Some young girls through a series of events find themselves in situations like this and have no one to care for them, or they have other family but their family is too poor to care for them and financially unable to give them a good education.  Some find themselves having to work as House Girls to help "earn their keep" and clean and care for homes but often are enslaved in this kind of environment both by physical work and having to give forced sexual favors. 


Trafficked girls are ones kept under lock and key and are enslaved to a world of forced prostitution. Some of these girls we've learned are as young as 5 years old.