Rescuing One Life At A Time


House of Hope Girl’s Home is a charitable organization operating in Moshi, Tanzania under House of Hope Trust. It is a subsidiary of Fire International, a registered Not For Profit based in the USA and we are part of theECFA  (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). 

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At House of Hope our aim is to help  by providing a safe and loving home, nutritious meals, and medical care to our young girls that come to us in need. House of Hope will have trained caregivers to make sure that each child that is in our care is given love and attention as well as important life skills and teaching them to love, trust and become a whole person as we aim to  restore hope to their lives.

The children will receive three healthy meals a day with all the essential food groups present in each meal. With good, nutritious food, our children will quickly become healthy and active.

At House of Hope Medical care is an important service that we will provide to the children.  The children will be given weekly health lessons on topics such as personal hygiene and nutrition.


We aim to create a real family atmosphere at House of Hope not an institution feel. This is why we are building each floor to be like a family home with bedrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen and Shower/bathrooms. Each floor will have a Mother figure to cook the meals and care for the children on her floor. Our team of caregivers will create a cheerful, loving and Godly home that will warmly welcome these young girls who have faced horrible abuse, rejection and hardships in their young lives.”