Rescuing One Life At A Time


House of Hope Girl’s Home is a charitable organization operating in Moshi, Tanzania under House of Hope Trust. It is a subsidiary of Fire International, a registered Not For Profit based in the USA and we are part of theECFA  (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). 

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1. Purchased Land (1 Acre Property)                                                   
2. Hired an Architect             
3. Built a Fence                                                  
4. Built and concreted in a Security Gate               
5. Drilled a Bore Hole/ Water Well                                                            
6. Built a brick security wall and guard house/hut                                      
7. Laid and built the foundation to the first building                                   
8. Built walls,columns, ring beam and ceiling of the first building            
9. Built the walls, columns and ring beam of the 2nd floor           
10. Constructed and built our roof  

11. Plastered the downstairs

12.  Built and painted the staircase to the 2nd floor

13.  Welded and put in all the windows